Our Connecting Place aims to connect you with your family, your children, and your partner, through various platforms of support that aim to educate, empower and encourage.

The family is the most important unit of society, and it is also the most complex. It is not easy having or being a part of a family, and every one of us struggle at different times, and through different seasons.

Whether it is a new marriage, a new baby, more babies, watching those babies grow, moving house, suburbs, cities or countries, and relationship and family changes. Through all of lifes ups and downs, we are always new to it, and like everything that is new; it is hard to get a grip of and navigate.

That is why at Our Connecting Place, we aim to offer support for all relationships within the family. From self-care, to partnerships, to parenting, Our Conecting Place offers an empathic ear, and objective insights, that can support you in navigating the experiences that life brings; via theraputic, connected, family practices.

At Our Connecting Place, we strive to push the edge and create news ways of connecting, new ways to support our families, new ways to nurture the community, because connection is a part of the human experience, and a part of family.

If you are needing support in feeling more connected to yourself, if you want to be more deeply connected to your partner, or you want to have boundless connection with your children, then you have come to the right place.


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