Connecting With You

What would it be like for you to really explore all of who you are? To say YES to all you want, and want to be? To not be confined by fear? What would your world look like if you did not limit yourself, but unleashed all of your potential? Every relationship you have, begins with your relationship with yourself. Your life began with you!

Connecting To Us

It all starts with you, but the next big journey is that of your intimate relationship. This relationship has the potential to run a course far from what you hoped for, but did you know you have the power to completely transform it? When we stand for ourselves we can call those we love to stand wth us, and in their own magnificence too!

Connecting With Family

It is possible to be all you want to be as an individual, as a partner, and as a parent. Being a parent is really hard, it can really challenge you, but it will also be the greatest journey of self-discovery you could ever go on. Parenting will re-define you again and again , and it can be marvelous, empowering, and exhilarating, if you choose!

Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others.

– Harriet Lerner

Meet Natalie Eve

Natalie Eve is the creater behind Our Connecting Place. her aspiration is to be a muse for connectivity, empathy, relationships, and emotional well-being.

An old soul, Natalie wears her heart on her sleeve, loves beauty, adventure, a good book, her son’s laughter, and her husbands eyes, but above all Natalie loves people and wants to share that love with you and the world.

She hopes that she can support you in becoming more connected to the unique and wonderful human being that is you, and therefore have you become more connected to your partner, children, family, friends, and community. Because at the end of the day your life starts with you, and only you have the power to make it into something truly wonderful.

The Seven C’s of Parenting and Relationships – Choice

The problem today is that so many people feel as though they lack choice. How can I say "yes" to what I want when I don't have the time/money/energy/drive/resources and so on? How can I say "no" when someone else needs me/depends on me/is a family member/ a beloved friend and so on. How can I honour someone else’s "no" when all I asked was a simple request? The list goes on...lack of perceived choice.
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The Seven C’s for Parenting and Relationships – Clarity

The need for information is one we all share, but senseless information, or misinformation can be dangerous. In a time and world where we have the greatest amount of collected information at our very fingertips, it is easy to get lost, overwhelmed, and succumb to inaccurate information.
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The Seven C’s for Parenting and Relationships – Closeness

Closeness in Parenting and Relationships The need for touch is built into our very biology. We are born with this need, in fact it is one of the ways our bodies produce more oxytocin (the happy hormone), and it was psychotherapist Virginia Satir who famously...
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Seven C’s of Parenting and Relationships

Some time ago I came across a post about the four C's of parenting, and these consisted of; choices, consequences, consistancy, and care. Now whilst these seem fairly normal, and even "good" at first look, I found I did not agree with them, especially when looking at...
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I am privileged to call Natalie one of my dearest colleagues and friends. Over the time I have got to know her, I have found her passion for Aware Parenting, consciousness, relationships, self-development and the feminine, to be so inspiring. She has so many years of important experience, and she brings that together with a big heart and a huge capacity to make a difference. I highly recommend her work to any woman and mother who wants to grow in her parenting and in herself and her other relationships.

Marion Rose, Ph.D.

Natalie Eve is an inspiration to me in her ability to push the boundaries. To describe Natalie in a sentence, is way too hard. She’s is as deep and passionate as the ocean. She doesn’t settle for second best when She knows She deserves a full, happy and meaningful life, and She will embrace and help empower anyone who is willing to meet her there. 

Natalie believes in love. Love drives her and consumes her. She knows that the more people learn to love themselves and accept themselves, the more they’ll love and accept others where they are at also. She sees the world as diverse, purposeful and encourages all around her to think outside the square they’re living in and enjoy life as best they can. Seeing Natalie become a mother has transformed my idea of parenting for the better, she’s a wonderful caring mother whom praise is worthy. 

Natalie is an invaluable friend and mentor to me, and knowing her will only increase your love for good living al the more.


As a midwide and lactation consultant, I believe in a mother’s instinct, and midwifery centred care. And I just want to say how beautifully you spoke and how well you articulated all that you have achieved and wanting to achieve!

Natalie, your post really spoke to me and I’m going to refer my women to your page and site!!!! What you are creating is truly a blessing as I see so many mothers finding themselves lost in the most beautiful area in their life! (The beginning of motherhood) I think you have found your calling and I believe you are a leader in empowering mothers.

I encourage you to continue on, because your beauty comes from your passion in inspiring and empathising with mothers everywhere.


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