Meet Natalie

From childhood Natalie loved to help people, always taking on other peoples problems, getting into the middle of quarrels to settle them, and standing up for the “little guy.”

As a teenager, she volunteered to mentor younger teens, volunteered in a day care centre, and even ran school programs specifically for girls. So it was a natural progression for Natalie to continue on into the helping field, and it was through her journey in Social Work that she began to understand the deep importance of the family unit within society.

After having her own son, everything she had studied, valued, and experienced became solidified when she came across Aware Parenting. A paradigm that changed her life and brought together all the developmental theories she had studied, and all of her professional experience in a new and very clear way.

It was this paradigm that drove her to create Our Connecting Place, in the hopes of providing familes with a place to go for support with all familial challenges, because Natalie believes in family; that families are the frontier for changing the world.

Throughout all areas of family support; be it the individual, intimate relationships, or in parenting; families can be assured that Natalie and Our Connecting Place will never advocate for or recommend any authoritarian, punitive, permissive, or behaviourism based forms of parenting or relating. The approach used is a democratic, holistic approach which acknowledges the value and importance of each member of the family, equally.

In working with babies, toddlers and children, Natalie will never recommend the use of controlled crying, controlled comforting, comfort settling, responsvie settling, spaced soothing, self-settling, self soothing or any other ignoring strategies in regards to sleep. Nor will any punishments or rewards based sytems be recommended in navigating any difficult or challenging behaviours. Natalie and Our Connecting Place are not a service that offers or focusses on any form of sleep/behavioural training, but rather offers a holistic, emotions focussed, theraputic family support service.

Her Promise to You

Professional Background & Qualifications


  • Certificate IV in Youth Work
  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Diploma of Community Serives
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare)
  • Masters Degree Social Work (Professional Qualifying) – Currently studying


Professional Training:


  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Sound Sleep and Secure Attachment online training
  • Aware Parenting Instructor Mentoring Course
  • Healing Early Developmental Trauma: Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Healing Training – Currently Studying

Professional Experience:

  • Youth worker (residential care) – Youth Homelessnes
  • Project Coordinator and facilitator for Young Mums program
  • Community Services Coordinator for Primary School Literacy Programs
  • Case Manager in Foster Care (birth to teens)




  • Certified Aware Parenting Instructor