Cry it Out vs. No Cry Method

The “Cry it Out vs. No Cry Method” debate in the parenting world is heated, extensive, and passionate on both sides.

This “great debate” is one fuelled by extensive needs, of laments of “I used it and mine turned out fine,” “they are only small once, cuddle them while you can,” “three nights and it was over, best thing I ever did,” and “they just need you, co-sleeping fills that need and you both get sleep.”

If you strip the two arguments down, on both sides; you could argue that it is this:

Sleep and Presence vs. Closeness and Attunement

Is It All About Love?

Life is more beautifully and deeply connected than we have ever fathomed, and I believe that parenting in key in revolutionising our understanding of ourselves, and the world we live in, so maybe it really is all about love; but love is just as much about how we love and connect with ourselves as it is about how we love and connect with others.

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