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This is the perfect course for any new parent, or parent to be, covering pregnancy to six months post-partum.

This course includes four core modules, and one bonus module, with five sub modules each; broken into bite size chunk videos and readings. It is a go-at-your-own-pace style of course that is based on my own personal and professional experience, and explores a parenting paradigm that is holistic and deeply informative.

What is covered:

Module one: Why Your Baby Won’t Sleep

We will explore the common reasons why a baby won’t sleep, as well as busting common myths about infant sleep. Spoiler: one topic will be all about colic.

Module Two: The Sleep Basics

Contrary to what you may think, this is not about how to wrap your baby, or how to create a sleep routine, because you can find out how to do that from any simple Youtube or Google search. This module actually explores an infant’s natural relationship to sleep, the most holistic way to support that, and why sleep tools and self-soothing aren’t the best course of action and what you can do instead.

Module Three: Going Deeper Into Sleep (it isn’t just about the basics)

This module explores the bilateral relationship between infant and parent (how our emotions effect our infants sleep), attachment, and infant stress, among other things; as factors that impact our baby’s ability to sleep soundly.

Module Four: Don’t “Sleep Train” Just Trust Yourself and Your Baby

In this module we will explore ways for you to trust your instincts, we will explore “processes” over “routines,” and things you can do during the day to assist your little one to sleep in the evening, as well as some other special insights.

Module Five (Bonus Module): The Rest of the Family

Sleep of course affects you and your little one, but this new baby and their sleep also affects everyone else in the family. So this module is dedicated to exploring how everyone else may also be effected, as well as your intimate relationship, and your own self-care.

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