Skype/Email Consultations

Private consultations will be conducted via Skype or email. Skype consultations are available in the evening or on weekends, and email consultations are available at any time, with a half day responce time.

Our Connecting Place covers an array of support areas; indidual support, relationships guidance, and parental needs.


Initial Skype/Email Consultations                           $80


Follow Up Skype/Email Consultations                     $60


Consultation Packages:

Five x Skype Sessions or Ten x Emails                    $260

Ten x Skype Session or Twenty Emails                  $500

What’s Included

A consultation may be a one hour Skype consultation, or two lengthy email exchanges (not including the questionnaire email as a part of the Initial Consultation)

You are encouraged to be the driver of these consultations, and any topics discussed will be determined by you. You are very welcome to change areas of exploration throughout the consultation, as you may need.

Preliminary Questionnaire

When you first book in a consultation with Our Connecting Place, you will be given a Preliminary Questionnaire. This is so that the consultation time won’t be taken up with all of the background information, and that Natalie has a good picture of what is going on before you start.

Consultation Focus Area Options

  • Personal development
  • Self Care
  • Self Growth
  • Counselling
  • Relationship support
  • Relationships and family changes/difficulties
  • Pre-conception, conception and pregnancy support
  • Baby sleep, feeding, and crying
  • Toddler tantrums, toilet training, behavioural challenges/difficulties, day-care, sleep, and eating
  • Sibling issues, social difficulties, and schooling
  • Supporting babies, toddlers and children through trauma

Personalised Mothers Group Workshops

If you are a member of a mothers group, and you find that you are all sharing difficulties in similar areas, why not host a Personalised Mothers Group Workshop?

Pick from any of the topics available, and Natalie will contact you in order to tailer the workshop to yours and your friends specific needs and questions.


Mothers Group
Personalised Workshop (one hour)                       $30pp

Multiple Workshops Booked                               $20pp

*Less than five(5) people additional charges apply

What’s Included

A one hour workshop delivered in your own home, to you and your friends on any topic of your choosing; from the list below.

Any workshop you choose will be tailored to your specific needs and questions, working within the framework within which Our Connecting Place opporates.

Wokshop Topics

  • Sleep
  • Crying and Tantrums
  • Feeding/Eating (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and solids)
  • Conflicts/Discipline/Challenges
  • Development/Learning (e.g. toilet traing, sharing, and seperation anxiety)
  • Fears and Frights
  • Friends/Siblings/Schooling
  • Attachment Play

In-Home Consultation

Sometimes and Skype or email consultation may not be enough supprt and guidance. Some people benefit from having in house support, someone to offer in person guidance and encouragment as they put their little one(s) to sleep.

If this sounds like you, then you may benefit from a In-Home Consultation.


In-Home Consultations                                         $250

                                                                                 Central Coast, NSW.

Newcastle and Sydney incur and additional travel fee. 

What’s Included

An In-Home Consultation is a three hour consultation, where Natalie will come to your house for your baby/toddlers usual bedtime.

This consultation includes an initial Skype consultation and questionnaire, so that the time used in your home can be completely dedicated to you and your baby in that moment, without going over all the finer details. 

What it looks like

Natalie will arrive an hour before your baby/toddlers bedtime. This is so your baby/toddler will be able to meet Natalie, and feel a little more comfortable with a new person in their home (as it can take some babies/toddlers time to relax when meeting someone new).

You will have already discussed your betime routine, tips, and suggestions with Natalie in your previous Skype/Email consultation, so the rest of you In-Home Consultation will be so that Natalie can support you in putting those ideas into practice; and for you to talk about and ask anything you wish.